Aging with Dignity

Five Wishes is changing the way America talks about and plans for care at the end of life. More than 18 million copies of Five Wishes are in circulation across the nation, distributed by more than 35,000 organizations. Five Wishes meets the legal requirements in 42 states and is useful in all 50.

Five Wishes has become America’s most popular living will because it is written in everyday language and helps start and structure important conversations about care in times of serious illness.

Compact Development

An important part of Smart Growth is using land more efficiently and preserving those lands that are most environmentally sensitive. By building in a more compact way, these goals can be achieved. Compact development also reduces development costs through more efficient use of infrastructure, which in turn makes housing more affordable.

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Modern Lighting Control: A Sensible Choice

According to NAHB’s recently released survey, “What Home Buyers Really Want,” energy efficiency is one of the most desired features in a new home. Advances in lighting control technologies are providing builders with inexpensive, simple solutions that significantly enhance energy efficiency, ultimately increasing both the value and the marketability of their homes.

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