About Us

What We Build

EWM Contractors, LLC.  homes have been involved in building family homes near Charlotte for over a decade. Our success is owed to the customers we've worked with over the years to create timeless designs while remaining in Passive Haus and Net Zero standards. We are constantly striving to become even stronger in our craft through our commitment to our customers.
If we're caring about the families, we need to care about both the structural footprint and the carbon footprint. To address this, we build with the highest 21st Century Construction standards focusing on performance and a healthy lifestyle. We believe the result building with renewable materials, efficiency, and sustainability is that we can have an enormous impact on our lives today as well as on the future. 

EWM Contractors building style is:

•A mixture of architecture and art, space and light, new and old elements

• Mindful of budget and costs

• A creation of a sense of spaciousness that transcends it size

• Designing a house that has a place for everything, maximizing every square inch and avoiding clutter

• A clear sense of Moderninty

• A houses with a soul

• Quality of spaces/rooms instead of quantity

• A house you will enjoy living in

• Made of details that delight the senses

• Quality and detail of a Tesla more important than the size of the car

• The peace of mind that no matter the style, the aim is to make the house comfortable

• The understanding of proportions of space

• A homr that expresses the personality

• Creation for the current and future generations

• Creative thinking

• The use of light inside the home to transfigure spaces

• The balance of Cost, Quantity, and Quality

• The embodiment of environments that are both beautiful and personally enriching

• A simpler way of living

• The reduction the amount of construction waste, we improve the quality of life for the next generation

"Movement toward proximity to nature, rejection of waste, and economies of scale of all types."

- Philip Jodidio