Jewel Box homes/ADU’s 

Our Jewel Box homes can be built as the primary residence or as a detached structure located behind the primary residence as an ADU. ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. All have their own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We like to call them Jewel Box homes, but they are also known as carriage houses, cottages, in-law suites, and many others.

Housing is in short supply in Charlotte especially anywhere near Uptown. Jewel Box homes help to add opportunities for people to live in the most popular neighborhoods. They add authentic style and feel to the area instead of the “cookie cutter” new construction that is plaguing the landscape.

Whether taking the project to full net zero and or net zero ready. Solar panels and advanced building science are the key ingredients to be able to achieve net zero. Micro housing is the solution for Charlotte’s housing shortage and our Jewel Box homes are what the future looks like.